How to Get Started

In order to get started on the 90 Day Bikini plan you must download 3 core PDFs:

1. The right meal plan based on your bodyweight. If you are in the middle, go for the lower meal plan.

2. The main transformation manual 

3. The right workout, Week 1-4 or, Home Workout Week 1-4

If you are struggling to download these files, please see our other articles on download issues.

If you have further fitness questions or need more support, please read all the documents and FAQ. Rudy has developed this to be a self sufficient plan, crafted over years of coaching and also refined with 1000s of members going through each plan. 

Please note, 90% of the time, questions are always answered in the main manual or within the FAQ. Once you've read all this, if it is not covered or clear, please head to the private FB group and ask Rudy here:

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